NICU Update

Caring for our Tiniest Patients

For many of our tiniest patients, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in the Family Birth Center at Mercy Hospital Southwest is where these babies will spend the first 100 days of their life. This highly specialized unit must provide the highest level of care, as well as meet the needs of parents who spend countless hours in the NICU. Highly specialized technology, such as a Giraffe bed, allows caregivers to perform daily procedures that minimize discomfort to a fragile tiny body by reducing movement and disruption. The space is also home to the specially designed rockers where moms feed or hold their babies for the first time.


Recently, the NICU was renovated with funds raised through philanthropic support. Now, new mothers who are unable to walk due to bed rest restrictions can be wheeled into the NICU and spend time with their babies. The changes have also improved workflow for the staff and provided more space for babies and their family members.

The following equipment is on our wish list for the NICU:

Giraffe Omnibed

$50,000 each (1 needed) - The Giraffe Omni Bed provides an optimum environment for a baby of any size offering thermal stability, protection from sound and light and protection from “nuisance touch” and promotion of positive touch and handling. It allows better access to the caregiver from either side of the bed, elevates to accommodate taller caregivers or special procedures and lowers for family members so that they can sit next to their baby for long periods of time. The unique rotating mattress allows the caregiver to rotate the bed 360 degrees and the radiant warmer evenly heats the entire mattress without warming the caregiver so the baby receives heat uniformly, regardless of the bed’s position and includes a built in scale. 

Infant Warmers

$18,000 each (5 needed) - The infant warmers ensure a proper temperature and environment during the infant’s first moments of life and is designed to eliminate the large overhead heater allowing for easier observation. It also has an integrated resuscitation option that supports the latest resuscitation guidelines.


$5,000 each (2 needed) - The bilimeter is a piece of equipment that measures the amount of phototherapy an infant is receiving when they receive phototherapy. We currently have this piece of equipment but we would like upgraded technology so that it is more compatible to some of our newer phototherapy lights.