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Why Giving Matters

What Your Gift Can Accomplish

The lives of Kern County residents are enriched today by Foundation supporters who have dedicated themselves to providing the finest healthcare possible for our community. Thanks to the generosity of our many donors, the Friends of Mercy Foundation has raised more than 25 million dollars since its establishment in 1988.

Gifts to the Friends of Mercy Foundation have helped construct buildings, enhance programs, purchase new medical equipment, fund scholarships, support community outreach efforts, and much, much more. 

Every Gift Makes a Difference! 

The Foundation gratefully accepts gifts of all sizes – afterall, we believe that every dollar given provides us with an opportunity to help people and improve lives. 

With the assistance of our Foundation staff, donors can focus on what is most important – making a difference with your charitable gift. Whether you make an unrestricted donation to the Foundation or select a specific project or service important to you, the direction of your gift is yours to decide.  In the end you should feel gratified knowing your donation will positively impact the entire community.

Your contributions to the Friends of Mercy Foundation are tax deductible – and unlike other charities, 100% of every gift goes to the fund you choose. No portion of your gift is used for administrative costs.