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Would you like to say “thank you” to the Mercy caregiver who helped you when you needed it most? From the staff welcoming you to our hospitals, to the nurse who provided you comfort and support, or the physician who provided you the best care possible, all of us at Mercy are committed to your health.

The Friends of Mercy Foundation’s Grateful Hearts program provides you a way to thank the Mercy caregiver or department who played a special role in your recovery, while also supporting our efforts to provide the highest quality of care in our community. The person you are honoring will be sent your personalized note and a special lapel pin to wear proudly.

When you make a gift, you will be helping us spread Mercy’s healing ministry in our hospital and beyond its walls. You may never see the faces of those you helped, but you will have forever changed their lives and heart.

Thank you for choosing Mercy and allowing us to care for you during this time. We would be honored to have you as a partner in our healing work.

Click here to bestow a Grateful Heart