Sister Phyllis Hughes Grant Program

The Friends of Mercy Foundation has been administering the Sister Phyllis Hughes Grants Program for over 30 years.

This special endowment was created in order to provide funds to Kern County nonprofits that administer programs that meet identified community needs, and whose missions are consistent with that of Mercy Hospital. Sister Phyllis Hughes served as President & CEO of Mercy in the 1980’s, and because of her commitment to those less fortunate this endowment was named in her honor. 

An important requirement for being eligible to apply is that an agency must have a sponsor. The sponsor must be an active volunteer for the agency (i.e. board member). Additionally, he or she must be associated in some way with Mercy Hospital Downtown, Mercy Hospital Southwest or Bakersfield Memorial Hospital. 

Criteria and Eligibility Requirments 

Letter of Intent 2022