Catherine McAuley Society

Catherine McAuley Society

The Catherine McAuley Society is a women’s philanthropic group supporting the fundraising efforts of the Friends of Mercy Foundation. Members continue the incredible legacy of Catherine McAuley, Foundress of Mercy Hospital’s founding congregation — Sisters of Mercy. Her selfless acts of kindness, generosity and commitment to those less fortunate is what makes her legacy so special and what inspires our members to continue to support our fundraising efforts. As a member of the Catherine McAuley Society you will have the opportunity to follow in her footsteps and impact our community in a positive way. 

Membership in the Catherine McAuley Society requires a $1,000 gift each year you are a member. Members are invited to three hosted luncheons over a twelve-month period and as a group vote to direct 100% of society funds to the Mercy Hospital project that is most meaningful to them. 

Would you like to become a member of this women's philanthropic group supporting the fundraising efforts of the Friends of Mercy Foundation? Join now and pay via credit card by clicking the “Donate Now” button. You can also send in your donation of $1,000 to the Friends of Mercy Foundation at PO Box 119, Bakersfield CA 93302 or contact or (661) 663-6700.

Since this group's founding in 2005, more than $1,284,000
has been raised in support of:


2016/2017 (152 Members) –
Blue Light Cystoscopy System to enhance the detection and management of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer – this unit will be the only of its kind between Los Angeles and Fresno; and a Microtome used to diagnose many conditions including early stages of cancer

2015/2016 (142 members) - Advanced equipment used to treat patients suffering from cardiac arrest and pneumonia

2014/2015 (155 members) - Breast MRI to assist with the early detection of breast cancer

2013/2014 (148 members) - 4D Echocardiogram used in the diagnosis of heart disease

2012/2013 (137 members) - Sleeper chairs and sofas providing comfort to our patients and families

2011/2012 (131 members) - Upgrades to operating rooms primarily used for cancer related surgeries

2010/2011 (119 members) - Specialized technology for monitoring and treating Mercy’s tiniest patients

2009/2010 (105 members) - State-of-the-art ultrasound to detect cancerous tumors; and heart defects in babies

2008/2009 (91 members) - Skin ulcer prevention equipment to better treat elderly and bed-ridden patients

2007/2008 (80 members) - Lifesaving training equipment for Mercy’s caregivers

Charter Year (54 members) - Nursing scholarships for single parents

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Current Catherine McAuley Society Members - Year 12