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Founders Circle

The Friends of Mercy Foundation gives special recognition to its donors who have contributed a total of $10,000 or more.  We sincerely appreciate the support and generosity of our Founders Circle Members.  All Founders Circle Members are recognized at both Mercy Hospital Downtown and Mercy Hospital Southwest.

+Dr. George and +Millie Ablin, The Estate of Millie Ablin, +Mrs. Rose Ablin, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Abrams, +Mary Abruns, A-C Electric Company, Advance Beverage Company, +Mr. and +Mrs. Louis E. Agnetti, Mushtaq Ahmed MD FCCP D ABSM, Dr. and Mrs. Clement O. Alade, +Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Andrew, Jeff and Lisa Andrew, Kevin and Maureen Andrew, Anonymous Donor, +Anonymous Donor, Charles L. and Patricia Anspach, The Honorable and Mrs. Robert Anspach, +Mr. and Mrs. Donald Antongiovanni, Mr. and Mrs. Stan Antongiovanni, Paul and Virginia Arenas, Ben H. and Gladys Arkelian Foundation

Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, Bakersfield Pathology Medical Group, +Mr. and Mrs. Fred Banducci, +Mr. and +Mrs. James Banducci, Mr. John L. Banducci and Ms. Sandra Banducci, Bank of America, Bank of Stockdale, Louis and Sheryl Barbich, Golden Empire Ambulance, +Mr. and +Mrs. George H. Barnett, Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Barnett, Antonio and Maureen Beccari, E.G. and Frankie Berchtold, bfgc architects planners, inc. Berry Petroleum Company, Mr. and Mrs. Domenick T. Bianco, Betty M. Bidart, Bidart Family Foundation, Leonard and Susan Bidart, Blue Cross of California, Blue Shield of California Foundation, F. Lynn and Patti Blystone, +Mr. and +Mrs. John M. Brock Sr., Mr. and Mrs. John Brock Jr., Michele and Rex Brown, Jeffrey and Alissa Buckey, +Floyd and Anne Burcham and Joanna McCune, Gail and Tom Burch, +Mr. and Mrs. James L. Burke, Bill and Sharon Bush, Dr. Javier and Laurie Bustamante, Greg and Mary Bynum

Cabrini League, California Republic Bank, Izetta and Don Camp Sr., +Mr. and +Mrs. W.B. Camp, Mike and Pat Campbell, Patricia Durando Campbell, George and Debbie Cappello, +Mr. and +Mrs. Jerry Cappello, Ramona Cappello, Mr. George Caratan, Mr. Fred H. Carlisle Jr. and +Mrs. Sue Carlisle, Brad and Patti Carroll, Castle & Cooke Development, The Cauzza Family, Central Cardiology Medical Clinic, Central California Emergency Medicine Physicians, Steven and Jennice Cerrina, +Dolores F. and +Victor S. Cerro, Kirk and Yvonne Chambers, Chevron, +Mr. and Mrs. Gino Chicca, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Chicca & Mr. and Mrs. Terry Chicca, Doug and Janet Clary, Morgan and Gloria Clayton – Tel Tec, Inc., +Romain P. Clerou MD, Clifford & Brown, P.C., Columbine Vineyards, Continental Telephone Corporation, Curtis and Jan Conway and Family, Dr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Coppola, +Mr. and +Mrs. Romo P. Cormier, +Mrs. Delia Correria, Crail-Johnson Foundation, The Cueto Families, +Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Cunningham

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Davidson, +Mr. and +Mrs. Wesley Davies, Dean L. Davis MD, Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Deaner, +A. Michael DePetro, Destefani Families, Ned Devasia MD, Mr. and Mrs. Brent M. Dezember, Mr. and Mrs. Rayburn Dezember, +Dr. and +Mrs. Richard Dickmann, Dr. and Mrs. David Dougherty, Dan and Jennifer Drake, +Phillips Dunford MD, +Livio and Adel Durando

Stan and Bonnie Ellis, The Tim Durando Family, +Mr. and +Mrs. Paul Eagleson, The Estate of Ray Eyherabide, +Mr. and +Mrs. Earl A. Ernst, Sr. Ernst & Young LLP, John and Dorleen Etcheverry

Dr. Mike Farber and Dr. Chris Parks, Dr. and Mrs. William Farr, FASTAFF Travel Nursing, Felix Galtes Estate, Fisher Mangold, Dr. and +Mrs. Myron A. Fisher, Floyd’s Office Furniture, +Francis D. Foley, Mark and Lori Folger, Dr. Arthur and Chenda Fontaine, Jim & Cynthia Fox, Fraternal Order of Eagles, +Donald Harrell Fritts, Paul, Sandra, Eric and Emma Fuller

Mr. Charles and Marguerite R. Gallagher, +Mr. and +Mrs. Frank C. Garone Sr., +Mr. and +Mrs. James L. Garone, David and Catherine Gay, GEMCare, Frank Ghezzi, +Charles and Ruth Gilb, +Dr. and +Mrs. Lloyd Gillin, Giumarra Vineyards Corporation, Golden Empire Ambulance, +Mel Goon, Dr. and Mrs. Raj Gopal, Mike and Pat Griffin, Yolanda Griffiths, Grimmway Enterprises

Jill Haley-Buntley, Harvey L. and Lavonne C. Hall, Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Hamilton, Richard and +Helen Harger, The Evan P. Harris Family, Harry and Ethel West Foundation, Bruce and Jane Haupt, +Mr. and Mrs. Warren N. Haupt, +Dr. and Mrs. Gail W. Haut, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hay, HealthQuest Consulting, Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Helvie, Dr. and +Mrs. Stephen J. Helvie, Bernard J. and Joan Herman, +Mrs. H.S. Herron, +Ed and Louise Hickman, Tony & Stacy Hogg, +Mr. and +Mrs. V. Donald Hopper, Ed and +Cathie Hopple, +William A. Hopple III, The Estate of Mary Hoskins, The Houchin Family – Wallace +Clifford and Donald, Debbie Hull

+Mr. and +Mrs. Jimmie Icardo, Dr. Hormuz and Rhoda Irani

Jim’s Supply Company, James G. Boswell Company, T.J. Jamieson Family, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Jarzynka, Jasmine Vineyards Inc., +Mr. and +Mrs. Frank Jeppi, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Johnson Jr., Dr. and +Mrs. James S. Johnston, Rick and Cindy Jones, Russell and Shawna Judd

Kaiser Permanente Kern County, +Mr. and +Mrs. Walter Kane, +Adelaide R. Karpe, Bob Karpe, Ray and Lisa Karpe, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Kelly, Brandon and Christina Kennedy, Kern County Construction Inc., Kern Health Systems, +Arnold Kirschenmann – King Pak Potatoes, +Mr. and Mrs. Berge Kirkorian, Greg Klis MD, +Mr. and +Mrs. John J. Kovacevich

Charles P. Lake Family, Diane S. Lake Family, Steve and Dee Ann Lantz, +Dr. and +Mrs. Lewis Larson & Family, The Laxague Family, +Dr. and +Mrs. William H. Leask, LeBeau-Thelen-Lampe-McIntosh and Crear LLP, +Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence O. Leff, Ronald R. Lehr/Lehr Brothers Inc., Howard E. Leventhal MD, Dr. and Mrs. Marshall S. Lewis, Lightspeed Systems, Mrs. James B. Lindsey, Link to Life, Dr. and Mrs. Donald C. Loos, +Joe and Virginia Lozano +

Mr. and +Mrs. William MacDonald, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Maclennan, Mrs. Mayie Maitia, Jenny Maitia and +Danny Maitia, Managed Care Systems L.P., Mr. and Mrs. Howard Marguleas, John and Christie Masterson, Tom and Judy Franconi & Ronda and Livio Mazzei, +Mr. and +Mrs. Jack W. Maguire, Gar and Marilyn McIndoe, Harold and Kay Meek, +Mr. and +Mrs. Joe Mendiburu, Medi-Dyn Inc., Merck & Company, Mercy Action Inc., Mercy Hospital Auxiliary, Mercy Medi Center, Mercy Plaza Radiologic Medical Group, +Judy Michel and Chuck Michel, +Dr. and +Mrs. Erik W. Michelsen, +Louis A. and +Katherine Miller, Garrett & Bitsy Ming, The Mish Family, Monji Landscape Companies, +Mr. and +Mrs. Robert B. Montgomery, David Morledge M.D. and Family, Mr. and +Mrs. William Mosesian, Larry J. Mueller, Madan and Dolly Mukhopadhyay, Musick, Peeler & Garrett LLP

Jeff and +Stubby Newman & Families, Vivian Niskanen, +Kathryn Norian, Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. North

+Dr. and +Mrs. Hugh V. O’Connell, Claire O’Connor Frisch, Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. O’Reilly, Mr. and +Mrs. John E. Odom

The David and Lucille Packard Foundation, +Otis and Patricia Page, Dr. and Mrs. Young N. Paik, Dr. and Mrs. Shepard F. Palitz, +Jack and Winnie Pandol, The Pankey Family, Dr. and Mrs. Young Park, +Clyde L. Parr, Dr. Ravi Patel and Dr. Naina Patel, +Mr. and +Mrs. John Patterson, Andy and Linda Pederson, Phillips - Jue Dental Group, Dr. Vincent and Meggan C. Phillips, The Plank Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Plank, Rusty and Lisa Plank, +Bob and Liz Potter, Joan Pracy, Premier Anesthesia Medical Group, Pusateri Family Trust

RBB Architects Inc., +Nelson Richardson, Randy and Mary Richardson, Rick and Dianne Riley, +Judie Rolph and +Stan Lewis, Beth & Jack Romain, John and Chris Romanini, John Romanini & Sons, Ronald McDonald House Charities Inc., +Mr. and Mrs. Morris G. Rosenberg

S.A. Camp Companies, +Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sacco, San Joaquin Bank, San Joaquin Helicopters Inc., San Dimas Medical Group, Richard and Sandra Schwartz, +Thomas M. and Olga B. Scott, Bob & Donna Severs, Dr. and Mrs. Arvind S. Shah, Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Sheffel, +Sid and +Pat Sheffield, Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Sheldon, Shell Oil Company Foundation, +Gertrude L. Sill, Sarabjit Singh MD, Sisters of Mercy Burlingame, Jeanette A. Smart, Dr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Stainer, State Farm Insurance Company, Stericycle Inc., C.E. and Sherril R. Strange, Sun World International, LLC

Mr. Robert Tafoya and Ms. Sandra Serrano, Dr. and Mrs. Sandys Tang, Tejon Ranch Company, Tenneco West Inc., +Mr. and Mrs. John A. Thomas, Three Way Chevrolet, +Mr. and +Mrs. Sam Tobias, Torigiani Farms, Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Uhalt, United Way of Kern County, U.S. Nursing Corporation

Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas T. Valos, R. Varanasi

+Cy and +Virginia Wade, Herb and Doris Walker, Ms. Nancy T. Walker and Ms. Tracy Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Watterman, Doug and Stephanie Weber, Jim and Evelyn Weddle, Wegis Ranch, Weingart Foundation, Wells Fargo Bank Foundation, Tom and +Corinne Werdel, West Side Health Care District, Westways Staffing, The Wheeler Foundation – +William A. and +Florence R. Wheeler & Blaise and Nancy Smith, Williams, Jones & Associates, Inc., Greg and Cara Williams, +Mr. and +Mrs. Jack Williams, Charles Wrobel MD and Heidi Affentranger

+Henry and Marcella Yoon, Dr. and Mrs. John T. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Jon P. Zaninovich, Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Zaninovich, +Dorothy Zaninovich & Family Vincent B. Zaninovich & Sons, Inc. Florence and Joe Ziemann +Dr. and Mrs. Giles E. Zollar