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Our Spirit of Giving - an annual giving program for Mercy Hospitals of Bakersfield employees.

Mercy Hospitals of Bakersfield has a long history of philanthropic support, and Mercy employees have always been the first to give and have given most generously. We proudly offer the opportunity to continue this tradition of giving through Our Spirit of Giving, the Friends of Mercy Foundation’s annual employee giving program.

Our mission of ensuring state-of-the-art, compassionate healthcare for all in our community has never been more relevant or critical. With your support, we will continue to advance Mercy’s mission of healing now and for generations to come.

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100% of your gift will support:
Mercy Hospital Southwest Patient Care Tower: ❏ ICU ❏ NICU ❏ Med/Surg/Tele The New Patient Care Tower at Mercy Southwest Hospital will be expanding its ICU from 8 to 24 rooms, its NICU from a 9 bed nursey to 18 private family suites and it's Med/Surg/Tele rooms from 35 to 116 rooms.

Sister Judy Morasci Endowment for Women & Children: On January 1, 2021, Sister Judy Morasci, RSM, officially retired as Vice President of Mission Integration after 26 years of dedicated service to Mercy Hospitals and the Bakersfield Community. To honor her legacy, the Friends of Mercy Foundation established the Sister Judy Morasci Endowment for Women and Children. This endowment will live in perpetuity, benefitting local organizations that serve women and children with the most critical need.

Community Outreach "Feeding the Soul" - Will support the Learning and Outreach Centers and the Community Health Initiative

The Learning and Outreach Centers, located in the heart of southeast Bakersfield, respond to requests for assistance with basic needs, including food insecurity from people living in poverty or in crisis.  Through the hot meal, Pack-A-Sack Lunch and food box programs we are able to provide nutritious food to the most vulnerable populations. Providing assistance to those less fortunate in the community is our mission in action.

Art and mental health are united to create a person's ideas, emotions, memory, thought and language. Painting activities with the purpose of educating individuals about the importance of self-care and overall mental well-being will give individuals the opportunity to connect with themselves creatively and disconnect from their daily routine. The Community Health Initiative program will target the underserved Latino/Spanish-speaking community as mental health is a stigmatized topic and individuals may not seek treatment out of fear of being labeled or bringing shame to their families.

Levels of Giving:
Circle of Mercy* (1% of base pay)
Automatic Payroll Deductions*
($5 minimum)
One-Time Payroll Deduction
($25 minimum)
PTO Donation
(one-time or semi-annually)

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For more information, please contact the Friends of Mercy Foundation at (661) 663-6700 or email FriendsofMercy@DignityHealth.org.  

*Unless designated as a recurring gift, all automatic payroll deductions will begin January 2024 and continue for 26 pay periods.