2016 Christmas Appeal

We at Mercy Hospital Downtown and Mercy Hospital Southwest believe that kindness is an indispensable part of the healing process for our patients. Physicians and caregivers know that delivering care with kindness and compassion can lead to faster healing, reduced pain and even shorter hospital stays. In fact, it is a form of medicine.

We are committed to making acts of kindness “not-so-random” to the people who have entrusted us with their care.

Mercy caregivers show kindness through expressions of compassion and empathy; a simple touch of the hand when someone is in pain, a warm smile to reassure a frightened patient, a friendly greeting to a visitor or family member and sometimes kindness is shown by just engaging in silence.

There are four healing gardens throughout the two Mercy campuses and a chapel at both. These spaces have been designed so that patients, family members and visitors can engage in silence and peace, escape the stress associated with a hospital stay and walk among nature in silence and reflection. There, in quiet peace, they can experience the healing that comes from a power greater than us all.  

To heal is to become well. To heal is to become free from grief or trouble. To heal is to be cured.

Giving to others is the purest form of kindness and kindness holds the power to heal. When you give philanthropically, your kindheartedness will touch the lives of others you most likely don’t know and will never meet.

This Christmas Appeal is our way of asking you to join us in our efforts to use kindness to heal. Please consider celebrating the season by making a gift to the Friends of Mercy Foundation's Christmas Appeal.  Your gift will support the areas of the hospital that provide space for healing and reflection. Hospitality and kindness are the cornerstones of the values instilled in all of us at Mercy by our sponsoring congregation of religious women; the Sisters of Mercy.

Click here to share your kindness with others, and help us continue the legacy of healing that the Sisters of Mercy started more than 100 years ago when they established Mercy Hospital in 1910. 

Include the names of your loved ones in the comments section and we will forward your prayers to our local Sisters of Mercy who will pray for them and your intentions. 

May your Christmas Season be filled with abundant health, happiness, peace and kindness!

With Gratitude,

Sister Judy Morasci
Vice President of Mission Services            
     Stephanie Weber
     Vice President of Philanthropy



Please be assured that 100% of your generous gift supports Mercy Hospitals of Bakersfield and the continuing mission of the Sisters of Mercy.