2016 Sister Phyllis Hughes Grant Awardees

The Friends of Mercy Foundation distributed a total of $22,000 to the two following organizations:

Global Family Care Network

A grant will support the “Kern County Daughter Project.” This project is aimed to provide crisis and intervention care for female youth who are homeless, runaway, or otherwise in need of short-term shelter and care. The Daughter Project targets youth who are at-risk to or victims of abuse, neglect, exploitation, and/or trafficking, coordinating both prevention-based programs to provide services for youth and to empower youth. 

The Mission at Kern County

A grant will support the “Feeding & Care of the Homeless Project.” This project will provided the purchase of basic staples that will be used in the preparation of meals for the homeless. The Mission at Kern County, on average, provides 15,000 meals a month to the homeless and needy and always seeks to provide healthy, nutritious meals and a safe environment.